3rd Generation

Hero in screws


Easy screwing


Super low screw-in resistance

The unique thread in combination with a transparent lubricant makes the screws turn in super easy. This ensures optimal screwing and it saves energy so you can use many more screws per battery charge.



Super quick starting

The perfectly shaped tip on the screw ensures a quick start. The extra coarse pitch ensures that they are up to 50% faster than regular chipboard screws.



Hardened steel

The screws are made of hardened carbon steel and are super strong. No more problems with screws that break off during screwing.



Super bendable

Thanks to a sophisticated hardening process, the screws are also very flexible. They can absorb the forces of working wood. This minimizes the chance of the screws breaking off in the structure.


Available at many hardware shops:

Dynaplus screws are available at many hardware shops in Holland, Belgium and Sweden. Click on the map below to find the nearest Dynaplus dealer in your area.

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